We ❤️ Founders

Whether early on in your journey, or generating your first revenue and we’re lucky enough to invest in you – our terms will always be fair.

We ❤️ Painkillers

If you are making a vitamin, that’s cool, but it’s not for us. We need to see that you are ridding the world of a quantifiable pain.

We ❤️ Big Markets

If staying local is more your thing, then we’re probably not a great fit. We work with big ideas and global markets.

We Are Thoughtful Technology InvestorsWe like to invest early and be helpful in the following segments


From resource planning to productivity apps, Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses have been shaping the way businesses and consumers leverage technology to meet their ever-evolving needs. 

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Although these take much longer to build, when a marketplace arrives to the stage of being able to use the data that flows through it, it can build analytics and allow for third party apps to build on-top of it. Thus ensuing non-linear value creation. 

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Enterprise Software

Its characterised by highly specialised and deeply technical solutions, which act as a natural barrier to entry and creates sticky customers. It’s also where, if done right, the contract value can be linked to the value creation for the Enterprise client. Again leading us to non-linear value creation.

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The Team

Director, SI

Ottar Hovind

Deep Tech, MedTech, SaaS
Investment Manager, SI

Leopold Gasteen

B2B SaaS, Platforms & FinTech

Dalia Dargyte

Dealmaker, Structurer, Due Diligence

Pitch Us

If you’ve gotten this far, and think we could be a good fit, follow the steps outlined in ‘our approach’ to get your material in front of our eyes. We are prompt, and promise to get back to you within 3 days, either inviting you to come and see us or to tell you we won’t be proceeding down the same road as you. 

Companies We've Backed