The Founder / Investor Relationship

Investment rounds needn’t be long and arduous. In fact, the quicker you get back to work the better it is for everyone. To set your expectations from the very beginning, we strive to be prompt in our response, and be as helpful as is possible to get you where you need to be. Below is a breakdown of our process

Where We Come In

Pre Seed

You have identified a problem and are working on the solution. We want you to nail this part, and woo your first customers. Which is why we offer office space in central Oslo, mentoring, good coffee and high speed internet for 12 months for free. We can also invest up to NOK 500k at this stage.

Seed Round

You’ve developed a product, and are bringing it to market. At this stage we expect to see some early signs of traction (ideally revenue), a solid team, and a product roadmap. At this stage we are able to invest between NOK 500k and NOK 2m. We can lead rounds, but we expect you to build them.

More Than Just MoneyWe partner with great entrepreneurs and help them in the following ways


We write decent sized cheques for seed stage companies, and strive to be helpful and pain-free investors.

Intellectual Property

We started as a technology transfer unit of a Research Lab, we know our stuff when it comes to Patents and IP.

Business Development

Our Team have built SaaS businesses up from the ground and are here to roll up there sleeves and get you selling.

Office Space

We have over 1000Sq Metres of office space betweencentral Oslo and Fornebu earmarked for you.

Expert Network

Whether it’s legal, growth hacking, or exiteering – we’ve got a network of founders and ninjas to help you out.

Technical Advice

As mentioned, we grew out of a computational research laboratory.We have 150 researchers with PhDs to call on for their expertise.


The team have sat on over 50 boards collectively, and have a great deal of experience with setting the right expectations from the word go.

Investor Network

Part of your growth plan should be to break into the US market, and raise US Venture funding. Our network is strong here.

Portfolio AllocationBy Stage

51 %


35 %


15 %

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A Helping HandIf you already have a deck and a financial model, great! If not, here are two templates we think could be helpful.

  • Your DeckThis template is from Sequoia and helps to squeeze the juice from the masses of information on your venture into these 10 simple slides. It's a great exercise in breaking down complex ideas into simple and powerful sentences.
 Financials Template
  • Your FinancialsThis is a really good template from ADV that helps founders to pinpoint the handful of numbers that really matter. We are looking for businesses that can scale, and the only way we can tell if it will is if the unit of value can scale in step with the size of the market.

Our ProcessHere is a brief overview of what happens once you hit 'submit'.

Get on our RadarIf you think you're a good fit for what we look for and how we can help you, please submit your pitch,

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